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Something so super-epic that it's hard to believe.

Inspired by the increasingly famous trick basketball shooters on YouTube: Dude Perfect
Did you see that insane game winning goal in the World Cup? Freakin DudePerfect!
by anothersportsfan June 17, 2010
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A YouTube channel that consist of corny white men doing awesome trick shots.
Josh: Hey do you watch dude perfect ?
Drake: Yeah they do some pretty cool trick shots but they try to be funny and it turns out cheesy and corny
by HeavySet420 August 29, 2016
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A youtube channel that is pretty decent before you know that everything is fake.
Boy1:I just watched Dude Perfect it was epic

Boy2:I hate that channel it's for 2 year olds (while watching a cringy minecraft video)
by jimmyjohn urhwuh February 05, 2018
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