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A hybrid species of animal being part Duck and Unicorn. They usually can be spotted in rivers near willow trees having the appearance of a large bright duck with a white shiny horn above it's bill. On occation, the duckicorn can be sensed near water reservoirs or canals near large plant life.

The duckicorn has the power to bring the rain and water to all the land. When the canals or reservoirs are dry, the duckicorn must be away.
The canal is flowing with water so the duckicorn must be near.

Let us throw sacrifices of small material in the water to please the duckicorn.
by IamwhoIamnomatterwhat October 15, 2010
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The amazing animal that has a duck's body and a unicorn horn and a little bit of their wings. They love to frolic through fields and are usually silver colored.
Did you see that wonderful beautiful creature running through the grass?

Why yes, it was a Duckicorn!!!!
by Floronnln & Veica March 24, 2011
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