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Dry Fish: Is when a guy jerks off, ejaculates on any part of his body, doesn't wipe it off or takes a shower after. Instead falls asleep with the ejaculate on him, wakes up, brushes his hand against the dried cum, and smells it. It'll smell just like fish.
Sarah (Girlfriend): *Walks in "John & her bedroom"* Oh my gosh, John! Why does it smell so bad in here? Did you eat fish in here earlier?
John (Boyfriend): Ummm.. no, I jacked off earlier while you were gone.
Sarah (Girlfriend): Ohh okay, that's why it smelled so bad in here, it was your 'dry fish'.
John (Boyfriend): Lmao! My what?
Sarah (Girlfriend): You smell like fish, that's what it means! Now get your ass in the shower and scrub thoroughly!
by Agua4TheFrock September 22, 2016
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