The un-wise act of one-click liking various things on the internet while intoxicated.

This usually occurs after a long night of partying when everyone else is passed out and you are the only one still awake. You inevitably end up on Facebook and Pandora, or other sites that allow you to show your approval of something with just one click. This is often followed by drunk like regret in the morning when you realize you screwed up your Pandora stations by giving thumbs up to every song, or you joined a bunch of Facebook groups you have always been too embarrassed to join otherwise.
After a heavy night of drunk liking, his Pandora now only plays Nickleback.

That Guy: "Man I had some major drunk like regret when I woke to find that I joined the Facebook group for Crocs."
by imanate August 19, 2010
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when you start acting gangsterific while you are intoxicated
Dang Cassie be acting drunk like a chola! she kept trying to call her sexy cholo!
by SEXY NURSE DTS May 4, 2011
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To get completely wasted on alcoholic beverages. Preferably while in a canoe.
This float trip is so great.

Yeah, but I'm so jealous. I want to be drunk like Don!
by TaintMagic July 21, 2011
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