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Drue means sexism. to drue means to constantly make remarks to women about how they are excluded because of their femininity
guy 1: "hey, I told Ana she couldn't play zombies with us, because she's a woman!"
guy 2: "thats so drue"
by lilchincha September 08, 2011
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The awesomest, funniest person in the world. Prone to spaz attacks and frequent use of the phrase "monkey's bum". Can also beat the living crap out of anyone :)
Dude, do you kno drue?

Aw yeh, the boxing chick?

Fahh yea man she's awsome :)
by avocadospaz July 30, 2009
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A man of men who takes his women as he pleases.
If you feel a connection with him, its probably his wang. Nothing more.
Girl: "Oh I think D-Rue likes me. =)"
Guy: "Thats just him humpin and dumpin."
by Shaggin Sam April 29, 2009
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omg the biggest whore hopper in the world but i love him anyway....he is such a sweetheart and i miss him so much...he also use to live with my "big brother" (look up futch )
drue why do you get mad at me when i call you a whore?....its the truth!hehe
by kt mack March 11, 2005
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