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In video gaming, the act of going from a standing position to prone in a matter of seconds while shooting at an opponent.
"GG! that kid just felt the wrath of the drop shot"
by aggshope February 11, 2009
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A term used in the 1st Person Shooter, Call of Duty.

A Dropshot is a technique when you move your character into prone position while firing to evade incoming bullets and ultimately kill the opponent.

It is used by more experienced players,
Although some good players tend to talk down on a player who uses the Dropshot.

When used correctly, the Dropshot is very effective because your opponent sometimes will not see you go prone due to their gun obscuring their view.

For best results for attempting a Dropshot, the button layout, "Tactical", should be set.
This way, you can go prone by holding the right analog stick in and still be able to aim your weapon.
BLaacKeN: Ok.. This kid just dropshotted me when i wasn't looking. Sooooooo pro.

trevasco: Hey! He has Dropshot in his gamertag and all over his bio! He knows what he's doing!!
by BLaacKeN March 17, 2010
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1. n.: Someone who lays down quickly and fires while prone or while going to prone in a shooter game, while directly in front of someone. Often regarded as noobs.

2. v.: The process of lying down while shooting at your enemy in a shooter game.
Oh hell no! That ninth prestige just dropshot my ass." or "That ninth prestige is a damn dropshot.
by xRiotZx January 10, 2011
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When a man does squat-hover over a woman's chest and defecates on her breasts while releasing a load upon her face at the same time.
David: Dude this hot girl wants me.

Murrell: You should give her a dropshot and she'll always come back for more.
by Murrell John December 28, 2007
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For reasons unknown to man, drop shots, or shots of alcohol dropped into various liquids, have become a favorite American pastime, much like the Apple Pie or the Football. While being both easy to make and a known cause of rising dry cleaning costs, these slammers, shooters, or drops of heaven, are downright tasty. Most of all, these things get you drunk and it looks cool while you do it.
Which of our favorite drop shots should we take tonight?

A: Touchdown!
B: Jaeger bomb!
C: Irish Carbomb!
D: Sake bomb!
by joshc13 December 31, 2008
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When you defecate between the open legs of someone already using the toilet into the the current tarnished waters of the bowl.
Duder: Bae are you almost done in there?
Honey Bae: Yeah why?
Duder: I really need to take a shit is all.
Honey Bae: Oh why didn't you say so? No problem at all. Just come in and perform a drop shot.
by Swamp snooch August 11, 2016
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A derogatory term used to reference a person, typically a close associate, which fails to meet expectations in a particular circumstance. Generalization: A person that is incapable of succeeding; a loser.
โ€œWhy is a cool cat like myself hanginโ€™ wit all you drop shots?! Dats not my steezo!โ€ Derived from the game of basketball; where a player has possession of the ball and is in a position to make an easy score; but fails to make the shot and/or drops the ball.
by Danger Boy January 23, 2004
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