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When the apps and/or other misc features on your Android phone don't work properly and pisses you off to the point where you throw it across the room, light it on fire or destroy it in some other way.
Louie: "Why won't Raphael answer my txts?!" April: "He can't, he broke his phone in a fit of droidrage."
by AprilLovesLouie December 05, 2010
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The inability to stop oneself from downloading numerous "apps" (both free and fee) to a newly acquired Smart Phone (more specifically a Droid) whether you need them or not.
The smashing of your smart phone when all those wonderful "apps" "force close" repeatedly.
Mario: Yo, check out these apps on my droid - Poke-a-mole, Bubble Level, Suduko, GooggleSky, Shazam, Buka Lite, MotoTorch.....

Rob (interrupting): Dude you have a serious case of DroidRage, you have to calm the downloads

~next day~

Billy: Dude, why is Mario beating his desk with his Droid?

Rob: Poke-A-Mole keeps force closing on him.

Billy: hmmm...DroidRage
by Can'tHelpMyself December 03, 2009
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Anger felt immediately following the knowledge that the awesome app for iPhone is not available for Androids.
Betty got the Droid Rage when she found out that she couldn't play Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook from her Droid.
by asillygirlfromcalifornia December 13, 2010
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When your company switches from the iPhone to Droid and you realize that the Android operating system is a huge pain in the ass and the battery won't last 8 hours.
We are switching from AT&T to Verizon and everyone is getting DroidXs!
Fuck! (Throws new DroidX at Randy's head)
Wow that was awesome Droid Rage
by Ahkmed the Terrable December 22, 2010
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When your Droid glitches out and you feel the undying urge to chuck it at a wall. Just before you remember how expensive it was.
Jim: I was trying to text "Hello" not "fgdsavhefuwbfgdh"!!!!!
John: woah, you've got some major Droid Rage going on. Just remember how expensive it was.
by trigun91 June 04, 2011
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When the use of your android phone becomes an addiction causing extreme emotion and obsessive time consumption.
Joe beat his wife severely after going into "Droid Rage," due to 3 straight days of app tweaking! Luckily, his phone immediately called the police, gave them his exact location, a recent photograph, and had him arrested, all while performing CPR to save the womans life.
by K.O.K. August 06, 2010
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An Android phone or tablet with a battery that lacks the ability to hold its charge. The phone will then beg for more juice in a pop-up text box, juice also being slang for steroids and the associated "Roid Rage" that incurs.
"Man, my new phone can't even last 12 hours on a charge."
"You've got a serious case of Droid Rage on your hands, bro."
by ststm327 May 09, 2012
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