Drip-Down - A person who is the unintended byproduct of anal intercourse - when the spent jism drips from the anus to the vagina resulting in pregnancy. This usually results in minor birth defects, such as a lazy eye, crooked face or otherwise off-putting features.
"Vince, that shamwow guy looks like he is a drip-down"
by Oggy68 September 15, 2014
A human baby conceived as a result of the semen ejaculated onto a woman's body after hand job, most often used in the context of a shower handy where gravity causes the sperm to "drip down" into the woman's nether regions.
Swole Bro 1: Did you hear Mandy got pregnant?
Swole Bro 2: Yeah bro, Brock told me it was a drip down baby.
Swole Bro 1: No way brah! He's got some strong swimmers
by branch9000 March 4, 2016