Telling Somebody To Fuck Off By Drowning Themselves!
Person 1: Leave Me Alone!

Person 2: No! Im Going To Bother You All Day

Person 1: Drink Water Bitch!
by Le0123 June 29, 2009
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Getting high via marijuana. Can be done so through a straw or tap, and most often from a bottle.
"I drank sooooo much water at lunch man, now I'm completely hydrated."

"Yo Griff-Dawg, have you been drinking water?"
"Sick dude! Totes awks."
"Whatever man, I'm hydrated."
by Sir Pekorn January 04, 2012
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Its easy okey , i will teach u how to drink water with hand .Pour some water to the cup , mug , bowl and other . Grab taht cup with your hand okey and move that cup to your lips . after finishing placing the tip of the cup on the lips. you need to raise your hands up, make sure the water in the cup goes into your mouth. drink slowly. how do we drink water
by YOURSOULMATE!♡ May 26, 2021
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Old timey method of saying that a person is attractive. Used in a time when, unlike today, it was impolite to state what exactly on your mind.
1938: would you look at that dame, she sure is a cool drink of water!
2019: That chick is hott..I'd love to tongue-punch her fartbox!
by Tim-o-tay April 03, 2019
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One who possesses no outstanding personal traits. Is very plain and boring. In short, nothing special; like a drink of water.
1st person: Lets go out with Joe tonight
2nd person: errrr no! hes such a drink of water!
by RohanMalik July 08, 2006
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When Fundy tried trapping technoblade and techno went to get water while drowning
Techno: lemme just get some water, I'm drinking water while drowning now
by technodrinkswaterwhiledrowning January 07, 2021
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A Massachusetts euphemism for passionate romance of the FeverPitch-esque, Bostonian variety. Used to imply any sort of romantic, passionate, seductive, sensual, tender, heartfelt, or Jimmy Fallon-esque activity.
"Any chance you can stop by tonight and you can watch me sit and drink water?"
by taptappolyrhythms August 21, 2014
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