Everybody getting drunk bringing cases of booze like a cook out instead of bringing a dish you bring a case
Joe: I'm having a drink out this Saturday
Jason: Cool I'll be there I'll bring a case
Joe: Cool it's at 4:00

Jason: I'll be there
by savoth October 3, 2009
Person 1 opens door.
Person 2: Get the frick out of here i am drinking water out of my mug!
Person 1: Oh sorry.
by Very Helpful September 13, 2022
cat drinking the milk out the bowl is a metaphor for the slurping of the "milk" out of the vagina. usually done by a male, but not in all cases........
lets just say, last night i was cat drinking the milk out the bowl!!!
by dacatz February 27, 2011
Consuming large quantities of alcohol in order to feel comfortable in a place you don't belong.
by spinetrolley October 29, 2015
When you switch drinks, like from a margarita to Prosecco, you pour a little Prosecco into your glass, and “drink it out,” to prep your glass for a pure Prosecco experience.
Swish tha’ shit yo’ and drink it out, so I can fill you up.
by Rebecca at the airport September 24, 2022