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The bastard son of Satan. Once revered for his work on the River Styx, hasn't been seen for thousands of years. Legend has it that he rents a two-bedroom apartment in Shawnee, Kansas and works at American Eagle Outfitters. Has confirmed the job is in fact another form of Hell.
In the event of a Drewcifer sighting, just beat him over the head with a rock.
by twilight_sonata April 23, 2008
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Abrasive and certainly hails from New Jersey. The common plebs of Michigan have far too much sand in their vaginas to deal with the adult linguistics of this Jersey Devil. You can be assured that any sighting of Drewcifer will be followed by sightings of Douche Flutes Crying. More often than not the Douche Flute will be then seen typing an email through a sea of tears calling the Drewcifer Unprofessional and whining about hurt feelings.

See also Douche Flute.
Drewcifer is so abrasive that he even hurts the feelings of kittens and puppies.

How dare Drewcifer suggest I do my job and in front of others even, ****VAPE>>>VAPE**** do you have a tissue ?

Drewcifer is so mean he makes my Mangina bleed, do you have an industrial size tampon I can have?
by The real Drewcifer January 13, 2017
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