To withdraw the penis just prior to climax during sexual intercourse and subsequently deposit a hot load on the female's mons, thigh, abdomen or stomach.
Carla loves unprotected sex but always makes her lover serve his dressing on the side.
by Eaton Holgoode October 3, 2015
A male pulls out, Ejaculates on the ass cheek of his choosing, and then eats the other persons ass.
Sex was feeling so good he pulled out and yelled I’ll have the salad with dressing on the side!
by RS THE PIG June 19, 2018
An entitity with deficiencies in so many different aspects, its inferiority can be neither hidden nor disguised; hence "dressing on the side."
You can sell Lame Salad to some of the people some of the time, but pity the Independent Sales Rep with a basement full of Lame-Salad-with-Dressing-on-the-Side.
by I. Wagner November 28, 2006