- One who chooses a difficult path over an easy one.
Why did you choose to stay with your father, instead of your mother? Now, your gonna have to work three jobs to help with bills. That was so Dregg of you!
by Define One July 18, 2018
Although it most commonly refers to the beer at the tail-end of a beer, it can also refer to someone's leftovers, or sloppy seconds. This also applies to sexual 'sloppy-seconds' by which it refers to someone that the subject has already had sexual intercourse with.
Dude, like I know you think she's hot, but you'd be doing Dan's sloppy seconds... It's his dreggs man! HIS DREGGS!

by FLAMES! April 19, 2006
A word to describe someone so stupid and immature you just have to say it
by Konex May 29, 2019