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a Dreamsome is a pure fantasy of yours. It includes a threesome or above (foursome, fivesome, sevensome, ect.) of hot people you would do. Pretty much it's something you would LOVE to happen although there is only a 0.0001 chance of it happening. hence the inclusion of the word -Dream.

Since these are not very likely to happen, you will probably think of these fantasies when you are masturbating.
Dude 1: fuck....if those girls were all drunk at a party and i was Dreamsome right there!

Dude 2: haha true true

Dude 3: aaawwwww.......i need to go masturbate now....

Dude 1 and 2: me too :(
by nastypenguin October 06, 2009
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When you are asleep and dreaming of having sex with one person then your partner wakes you up to have sex but because you are technically still asleep you are having a dreamsome!
OH MY GOD!!! I had the best dreamsome ever!!!I was having the best sex ever with Eddie in my dream,then Ricky rolls over and starts humping me!
by Roni Hays March 11, 2008
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situation in which one male, his girlfriend, and one or more attractive female friends of said girlfriend (not just any random chicks) participate in group sex. Basically, it's a dream come true.
yo i was totally in a dreamsome with my girl and her friend insert name here who's super hot
by uncledoobie January 31, 2011
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