A Minecraft streamer and you tuber that happens to be human tea kettle
*georgenotfound hit the ground to hard*

George: wha-

by DumbDoodleDrawings October 21, 2020
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When you can think of anyone/anything you love. You can also learn many things while dreaming. Your imagination can run wild!!!
Teacher: today class we will be learning how well your imagination works! We will be writing an essay!

Student: So does that me we can sleep? Cause I know that dreaming will give me a few ideas!
by Marygrrrrrace October 16, 2014
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A youtuber, streamer and speedrunner who became popular suddenly and wont shut up about how a certain amount of viewers aren’t subscribed to his channel
Dream; by the way only a small percentage of my viewers are actually subscribed to my channel so if you’re not subscribed go ahead click the subscrbe button, its free, you can always unsubscribe
by Hen hentai November 2, 2020
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A way to escape the hell of living. Being able to live in a fantasy world of your thoughts. It is the opposite of nightmare. It is the drug of many teenagers.
A dream is the way of not having to deal with others shit.
by Steve5214 April 4, 2016
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weird images your brain produces while sleeping, to help you prepare for real world scenarios, such as being chased by three of your friends.
by Quichalishious69 December 29, 2021
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A message that you get in your sleep that tells you if something life changeing will happen to you.
Many people's dreams are so complex they can't tell if they mean anything or not.
If something really important is about to happen
(I.E. you might find your soul mate by chance the next day)
the dream will be clearer, more realistic, and the meaning obvious.
I once dreamed I met a musican. The next day I did!!!
by Dre S. September 29, 2008
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a famous youtuber that has several grown men chase him in pursuit of death while he tries to beat minecaft as fast as fuck to add to his meaningless award case
gorgenotfound- DDDRREEEAAM
dream- YYEESS
by Dr. Doofinshmirtz March 29, 2021
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