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The set of irreversible changes which occur when an Aryan female has Inter-caste Sex with a Dravidian male. The most important one is that the Aryan Yoni, built for the 3-6 inch Arya-Linga, undergoes permanent expansion during union with the 9-12 inch Shudra-Lingam. The 1st aspect of this stretching process is a horizontal widening of the orifice by the "Telingana Black Snake", which has developed its prized thickness through millenia of evolution as a heat exchanger in the hot-humid Dravidian climate. This destroys the ability of the thinner "Ganges Worm" to provide any friction, let alone a Vaginal Orgasm. The 2nd aspect is the internal deepening of the vagina caused by full penetration of the "Dravidian Char-Minar", which has developed its envied length in order to impregnate the corpulent, steatopygic Dravidian woman & fill her cavernous "Shudrani Yoni". Hence, the Aryan "Chingri-Lund", shortened on account of shrinkage in the cold Northern climates, can no longer provide a Uterine Orgasm either.

Moreover, the powerful strokes & erectile stamina of the Shudra desensitize the female genitory nervous system to the weaker & shorter-lived Aryan strokes. In addition, the Aryan female olfactory system becomes acclimatized to the stronger fragrance of the Negro-Dravidian male, so that Aryan male aroma no longer interests her. As a result of all these changes, the Dravidianized Aryan female becomes passionately addicted to sex with Dravidoid men.
1, "The Timurid Caliphs encouraged the Dravidianization of Aryan women through the promotion of Hyderabadi Pornography, and the importation of tough Dravidian Telinga warriors. This strategy kept the emasculated Aryan male citizens of the Empire in line, and was one reason for the longevity of that state." - Analysis of Mughal Strategy.
2, Nazia used dupattas and towels tied to the base of Ravana's one-foot long black Dravida Lingam for two
fortnights , till she was Dravidianized and could thereafter accept its full length with ease.
3. "Fearing the Dravidianization of their womenfolk, the Brahmanas and Vedic Aryans imposed a strict
caste system to preserve their purity of descent and ensure the continuation of their race." - Brahminical view
of origin of caste system.
4. "Due to the widespread Dravidianization of Catholic women, and the resultant spread of Shudralingayatism (Shudra Penis Worship), the Portuguese Government had to impose the Goa Inqusition to preserve the Catholic religion in the Concan." - Catholic view of Goa Inquisition.
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza October 03, 2010
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