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Any poor soul who has the bad ass luck of growing up in a small depressed desert town in CA or elsewhere who is emotionally addicted to CRYSTAL METH. They will kill and die for it, and can never be cured. They will want it every day for the rest of their lives. They start by doing lines, then smoke it, and eventually they graduate to "slamming" using needles. At this time, they never want to see anyone, unless they are tweeking. They are afraid of everything, except death. All of their friends are parolees, and they aint shit until they have been to prison at least once. They steal everything in sight, draw sexually explicit pictures, talk shit, disapear for days or even weeks, will physically assault the people they love, slash their own wrists and arms. They will lose up to 100 pounds in a few years. They will have spent all of their money and lost any job they might have once had. They are unemployable. They hate themselves. They will spent 5 to 40 hours straight beating off and sticking things up their asses. Some will steal panties from the apartment dryers and wear them. They will eventually accomplish self fellatio! Anything is possible with speed!!!
"Tell your tweeker friend to get the fuck out of my bathroom!"

"Palmdale is all about the tweekers. The Sherriffs do it too."

"I heard his mom tweeks with him every time her check comes."

"Dude, stop tweeking out on it for a while, They get the point, damn!"
by Alumni September 14, 2005

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Thousands Standing Around. Airport security. All they do is stand around, thus the name.
Dude! The TSA suck! All they do is stand there.
by Alumni December 18, 2005

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When one wants to get into another persons pants
"What happened to you and Steve? You two were so cute!"
"He had a case of the pants. I had to dump him"
by Alumni September 25, 2005

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when you've got the poops
Dude...I've got the gibbies
by Alumni April 04, 2006

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Dramamine: An imaginary medication aimed at curing people of their never ending penchant for DRAMA!

Joel: She keeps texting me. When I call her back she hangs up. She always asks me where I have been....

Me: Dude, you need some God Damned DRAMAMINE and Kick her country ass to the curb!
by Alumni October 13, 2005

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