An infamous vintage console modder who’s known for charging ridiculous prices for poorly made consoles. Some speculate that he charges so much because of the whole bag of glue sticks that he’s added to your mod. Along with the prices and hundreds of glue sticks, Drakon is also known for his terrible customer service and terrible attitude. Avoid at all costs.
The cashier was very surprised after seeing Drakon buy the entire store’s supply of hot glue.

Carson: Hey man, have you seen my new modded console

Timothy: Yeah, it’s pretty poorly made. You could get better picture from RF.

Carson: I know. I bought this for $400 from Drakon, and it weighs at least 20 pounds more than usual

Nick: That explains it. It must be the hot glue. You’re better off modding it yourself
by KachowChan May 27, 2019
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A mythological creature, a very large lizard like reptile, older than dragons. Flightless, most spit acid, and can paralyze its prey just by looking at them.
Oh shit a drakon is about to kill us! Run away dude!!
by Aaaaaaaa1234 March 3, 2015
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