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Roughly translates to "The Devil's Son". Draculya is the name Vlad Tepes (Tepes stands for "The Impaler", a name Vlad truly deserved) gave himself when he became ruler of Romania. He was horrifically cruel to his people, and committed atrocities that rival Adolf Hitler's.

Soon after becoming king of Romania, Vlad Tepes held a massive banquet for the homeless people of his kingdom. While these starving, half-dead people ate, Vlad had all exits from the banquet hall sealed and then ordered it to be burned to ashes. This brutal act killed over 10,000 people, but that was only the beginning.

As expected, the evil Vlad wound up facing war with a rival kingdom. Not wanted to be defeated, he prepared a little surprise for the raiders from the other kingdom. As the raiders marched up to Vlad's castle, they discovered something horrifying. Vlad Tepes had had over 20,000 of his own people killed and set up in a grim "Forest of the Impaled". Not surprisingly, the opposing army retreated out of sheer terror of Vlad. This brutal act is partly how he became hated even more than his own father.

When he wasn't torturing people, Vlad liked to relax by eating a snack... while watching people tortured right in front of him. He would be known for stopping the torture so he could dip some food in the person's blood for a little flavoring.

Eventually, Bram Stoker read about what Vlad did and decided to write a story in a similar vein. Want to know the name of his story?

Draculya is truly the devil's son.
by Black Angel June 15, 2004
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