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1. When someone gets flamed during a roast.

2. When someone has horrible halitosis level stinky breath.

Originating from Game of Thrones Dragon.
1. Marty: Damn, why did you roast his girl so hard, that shit was Dracarys.

2. Please don't talk so close to me. You've got that Dracarys.
by ThatDudeBake August 21, 2017
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When you nut in your girls mouth and she spits it back into yours screaming bend the knee.
Yo! Courtney dropped a dracarys in my mouth yesterday and I bent the knee real hard
by Dinkysmallwood April 19, 2019
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Adjective: When something is straight fire, dope, lit, something / somebody that looks hot or that you want really bad
Man, that cheeseburger was Dracarys

Did you see Fefany? Dracarys legs on that girl
by Joaquim the dream August 11, 2017
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Synonym for cumming.

Originating from Drogon spewing fire in Game of Thrones.
Boy: Baby, dracarys?
Girl: Oh, yeah!

Boy: Love, dracarys?
Girl: No, need a few more. You are hitting the spot!
by manchinearies May 08, 2018
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