DR meansdick rider
“bro steph is such a dr
“i know she was dr ing joe so hard tonight”
by shkkkkkk September 28, 2020
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One of the most retarded teachers on the face of this earth.
Known to say things like:
1. Heyyyyyyy Team
2. Yo guys we got a plan
3. Get a grip guys
4. Guys.. this is a serious class

A class where u can enroll in.. yet come out of dumber than when you enter.
A teacher who prepares students to fail their AP and IB test, and does a very good job at it.
Has rare and mysterious skills including the ability to put students to sleep before the class even starts
Dr. A: Heyyyyyyy team
Students: No bitch.. Im not on ur team.
by one of the asians May 4, 2006
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Dr. No is the first Bond movie of the 007 Franchise. It is also the name of the villain of the movie. Sean Conney stars in this 1962 film.
Dr. No

"It looks like they were on there way to a funeral."
"Bond. James Bond"
"I guess I was wrong, you're nothing but a stupid policeman"
by Shaken, Not Stirred July 22, 2006
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A ten-term congressman who currently represents the 14th district of Texas in the U.S. House of Representatives.
Dr. No is also running a national campaign for President in 2008, under the Republican banner.
Unfortunately, Dr. No has very slim chances of being elected.
Dr. No has earned his title for his countless "nays" on the House floor.

Also see Ron Paul
Dr. No-Not your typical Paulitician!
by Cripple in da 651 February 22, 2008
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Delayed Reaction Syndrom: Scientifically proven medical condition related to the brain; a mental condition confined to an individuals ability to respond to outside stimuli
I asked Mike how he was doing today. I received no response until 10 minutes had passed, at which time he said (alone and in a dark place) "good, you?" So I responded: "man, you have DRS"!
by tapstah July 6, 2011
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nick acts like a Dr. when tay comes around
by f daady d June 2, 2009
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