A friend who seems depressed or preoccupied and is not responding to your manic suggestions or laughing at your jokes.
Joe: "Yo Dingle ass, you hungry? You wanna get a nice-a-Chick or a nice-a-beetz? "
Drew: "Eh, I don't care I guess."
Joe: "What are you Down Kid today?"
by Babiesman March 10, 2010
easily one of the best collab channels on youtube, consisting of joey gatto, josh sobo, jonah green (aka god), adam & nick buongiovanni (twins), ryan abe, and joe santagato. Abbreviated SDK (not to be confused with software development kits which is what comes up when you search sdk indirects on twitter)
look for a new settle down kids vlog up every weekday 'cept sunday!
by demilegatto February 2, 2014
The state of being on the same wave length as members of a younger generation. To be cool, clued-up and enlightened as a result of ones knowledge and/or pursuit of the interests, passtimes and trends commonly associated with people younger than oneself. A characteristic commonly displayed by minor television personalities, celebrities and people involved in entertainment media, trend spotting, marketing and advertising.
I better get myself snowboarding if I want to be down with kids.

I almost broke my neck the other day learning how to skateboard but hey I'm down with the kids!

British TV personality Alex Kramer is down with the kids! High five!
by Matt Seale May 3, 2007
When something happens and it makes such little sense that a little kid running up to you and pulling your pants down seems more logical.
Jeff - "Hey Tom, did you hear that billy is going out with your ex?"
Tom - "You gotta be pulling my pants down kid!"
by Ican'tbeleiveitsnotOXYCLEAN November 7, 2009
When your in MIDLIFE just HAD KIDS and realize your TIED DOWN to the house bc of multiple reasons ....
HEY LEROY CAN U PLEASE SWING BY THE LIQUOR STORE AND GRAB ME MY USUAL TITOS....? .... I'm KIDDED DOWN over here with the twins and can't make it out , it's a real hassle "?
by ZacariousGilbertus May 27, 2017
it can be the kid that looks like he is a skater punk type he is more of the black,heavey etc metal types
washed down metal kid yeah
by that type of kid September 16, 2005
Cute, nice, and kinda cool. JUST KIDDING. haha well for starters there creepers and they smell horrible.
by Loser... November 23, 2011