A reference to the journey of Alice, in Alice in Wonderland. To start as seemingly simply search (rabbit hole) and finding the unexpected a chaotic world. To start a research project, only to find, the subject was not what it appeared to be. The research exposing: unexpected twist and turns, deceptions, lies, thefts, treasures hidden from the rightful owners, crimes, goodness, truth, digging deeper in hidden passages and finding more.

A painting of the rabbit from, Alice in Wonderland, on the wall of the lunchroom in area51.
Looking into a wife's finances and finding, not only was she making her sisters car payments,but insurance payments also. What a Down the Rabbit Hole that was.
by as009988 May 11, 2019
To get extremely and obsessively involved in something to the exclusion of normal friends and family.
"I haven't seen Josh since he started playing that Ingress"
"Yep, down the rabbit hole."
by Perringaiden May 12, 2017
tripping on acid, shrooms, or any other psychidelic drug

the term came from alice in wonderland when alice falls down the rabbit hole

featured in the movie Across the Universe
Jude: "Where are we going?" Lucy: "Down the rabbit hole.."
by hookahsmokingcaterpillar October 18, 2009
On the search for truth, one may fall down the rabbit hole

Symptoms may include, believing the earth is flat, being anti globalist, rooting for the removal of the federal reserve, laughing at NASA cult members
-Omar went and slipped down the rabbit hole
-How so?
-He won't stop talking about how Trump is taking down the deep state cabal and that a hollyweird is full of pedophilic devil worshipping sellouts
by The Annointed Bringer of Light February 27, 2019
often said when relating to hallucinogenic drugs such a LSD. the quote is from the book and movie alice in wonderland when she enters "wonderland".
me and my friends just went down the rabbit hole with a batch of acid
by LordsOfAcid June 21, 2012
1) When you start a college major then change to something completely different in a semester or 2

2) when you start doing your job then went of on a completely irrelevant tangent.
I went down the rabbit hole; I switched from sociology to biochemistry.
by Sexydimma January 11, 2022