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The phenomenon where one hears about something for the first time then later notices it everywhere. Often followed by urgent mass polling of the public with the question " DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS?!?", which is then followed by feelings if disbelief after realising one's own lack of knowlege in the face of the prevalence if said thing. Origin: ca. 2002; inspired after seeing "strong bad e-mail #55" from where Strong bad tries to get The Cheat to speak English. Also known as the baader-meinhof phenomenon, but 'douglification' was totally coined first #trustmeimadeitupfirst #mytermisbetteranyway
"How often do you ever hear someone say 'Douglas'?" *in the days that follow* "Shit man, I heard someone say 'Douglas', like, six times!"--"yep, douglification..totally douglification"

"What the hell is a jesus fish?"--"What!? Haven't you noticed those metal fish stuck to the back of cars?--"No?"--"Well soon you'll see them everywhere...douglification, man!"
by ici August 30, 2014
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