“Yo, I heard Aaliyah tried to run trey over”
“Damn bruh, she dougin fr”
by JaeBoo_ April 17, 2021
One who tries to engage in sexual relations with girls that the "Douger" is aware is already in a relationship. The girl is refered to as the "Dougee"
"I saw that guy dougin' around with your girlfriend last night. He looked like a total Asa."
by Steezmaster McSteez July 8, 2009
“Bro that Karen just yelled at me for buying cigarettes, she’s dougin”
by rattoes April 17, 2021
driving over the rumble strips on the side of most major highways
"I was super tired on the drive home and kept dougin"
by charlesNooooooo October 9, 2012
Doug is known for being able to sell anything to anyone.

Dougin' means working the deal (and eventually winning that deal).

Dougs be Dougin'
"Did you hear him talking to that vendor? They couldn't say no to him."

"Yeah, he was Dougin' for sure"
by LilInternetMan February 5, 2020