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A female douche bag. A douche bag bitch. A women with contemptable manners and spoilded behavior but just does it exceptionally well!
Cynthia is such a douchess, she thinks the world revolves around her spoiled ass!
by Shiny Buster Baby June 16, 2010
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1.The female version of a douche is a douchess. Particulary a girl that likes particularly douchey guys. However, a girl can be a douchess on her own minus the douchey boyfriend.

2.A royal douchebag; the maximum level of douchebaggery achieved. The term may be used interchangeably to describe both male and female douchebags. Perhaps a gay douche.
Example 1: "Megan is such a douchess... she's always chasing after the most moronic douchebags of guys. I mean... look at that fool... he has frosted tips! I mean... what year is it? 1998?"

Example 2: "Dude... stop being such a douchess! I swear... you're like... on the royal douchebag level. Get away! Scram!"
by Stato Reale February 04, 2010
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A Douchess(a girl version of a douche) in which you call a girl when she's being worst than a dumbass. Instead of calling her a douche,u call her a douchess(it's more feminen).
ex: Girl 1: Ashlinn was talkin shit about you today to that hot guy Brad.
Girl 2: Are u serious?,that fuckin' Douchess!.

by Danneel February 25, 2008
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A combination of douche and dumbass, total fuck up or dickface
todd is such a fuckin douchess
by bye January 21, 2004
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