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A system of government which is completely overrun by douchebags. Doucheocracies are administered and controlled by douchebags for the benefit of douchebags at the expense of everyone else. Doucheocracies are formed by the corruption of previously existing governments via extensive use of lobbyists, inside deals, deceitful legislature and other political douchebaggery. Doucheocratic systems typically involve douchebag companies or corporations (“private industries”) teaming up with douchebag politicians who gain excessive influence over lawmaking processes and tax revenue. Similar to cockroach or rat infestations, douchebag infestations are very difficult to remove once established.
In a Doucheocracy, a team of douchebag politicians could, for instance, “privatize” energy, forcing everyone to buy electricity from Douche Energy Corp. In return for the favor, Douche Energy Corp would give unusually generous stock options to the douchebag politicians who made this possible.

Douche Energy could then proceed to raise energy prices to unreasonable levels while gaining control of the retirement funds of employees who previously worked for state-run energy utilities.

Millions of people could then be financially raped by douchebag politician and executive team.

Douche Energy Corp, being run by douchebags with no engineering knowledge, would be totally incompetent at producing electricity and funds would be quickly depleted as douchebags did what they do best; use their expertise in douchebaggery to give themselves ridiculous dividends and pay each other fantastically large bonuses, quickly leading the company to bankruptcy.

In a Doucheocracy, the douchebag politician and executive team would then be protected by team of douchebag lawyers with a name like "Doucheson & Douchekins", and would get to keep the millions of dollars they swindled without any consequences, while the ensuing energy disaster would be bailed out with taxpayer money.

In a Doucheocracy, the same team of douchebags might later call themselves “job creators” and lobby to lower tax rates for themselves.
by Ron.Paul.2012 September 09, 2012
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Governed by and for the douchebags. Any cause, action or issue that a douchebag would propose, support, legislate, enforce, enact and/or fund.
The guy wearing the Affliction shirt who cut to the front of the line at the bar must have thought it was governed under a doucheocracy
by kittenzANDpeguinz April 18, 2011
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