A noun representing something a person finds phenomenally exciting, joyful, or amazing. The expressed joy upon witnessing a double rainbow may be misinterpreted as an acid trip, orgasm, or loss of bowel control.
"Did you catch Neil Patrick Harris in Dr. Horrible?"
"Dude... *fart* *gurgle* ... NPH is... he's just... *drops to knees* *cries*... He's just my all time... *vomit* ...Dub... dub... *fart* *high-pitched how*
(Note: In the throws of a double rainbow sighting or mention, a person may lose the verbal capability to pronounce the term "Double Rainbow.")
by ApologyAcceptedCaptainNeeda March 02, 2016
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when two homosexual males ejaculate on a third man who is also covered in rainbow sherbet
bruce had his first double rainbow last night, he said it was delicious
by uberdown April 27, 2015
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When someone is "supa dupa gay" they can be called a Double Rainbow. This is off the wall in you and your friends face homo.
Bro 1: Yo, check out that Double Rainbow

Bro 2. no homo
by Nugem January 11, 2011
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A term expressing something of pure, unrivaled awesome. Used commonly when awesome or spectacular are simply insufficient
"Did you see that double backflip?
Totally Double Rainbow"

"hey, how was your weekend at the playboy mansion?
Double OMFG Rainbow"

"how's the scene at the party?
Double Rainbow
On my way..."
by wolff46 July 10, 2010
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A term referring to someone who is both autistic and LGBTQIA+.

For those out of the loop, a common symbol/colors for LGBT folk is the rainbow-originally came in 8 stripes (each with different color) but there's since been several variations of the original rainbow. It is often associated with the diversity--although the original colors did have their own meanings--inherent in the extended LGBT community. In addition, a symbol of the autism rights movement is the rainbow infinity sign (NOT the puzzle piece), which also represents diversity, only this time of the human mind.

Unsurprisingly, LGBT people and autistic people may be able to relate to each other. Both have been the targets of "conversion" therapies, bullying, stereotypes, violence including murders, and otherwise stigmatized. In fact, there's hate groups that want to remove gays and/or autistics (I do NOT want to name them). In addition, there may be some relationship between both demographics: one study has found that people at gender clinics are 10x more likely to be diagnosed with/are diagnosable with autism.
Living under a double rainbow presents its own sorts of challenges as you are part of two oft stigmatized groups, but you are also a living example of a rebellion as you defy and question what is arbitrarily considered normal and good.
by RandomQualia September 30, 2019
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