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A double nutter is when you are inquiring about a girl you like and the girl’s best friend says she’s into you, affectively fucking your chances.
I was asking Jennifer about Lauren but then she sent me a video of her saying she liked me, whale she was super drunk. What a double nutter.
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by Fhsadminlksballs June 18, 2018
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when a dude pokes his snake into a her a good stuffing then sprinkles his baby batter on her body...then as a real man would double dips and gives her another good stuffin leavin his second load in her mouth
Dill: Yo i picked up this biddy from Club Shampu and i put it in her.

Jack: Really, did u give her a good ole fashioned double nutter?

Dill: Hell yeah i did.. i got the stamina of a well trained Kenyan.
by Ian H. August 15, 2007
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