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Noun or verb. The literal translation of Chinese phrase of "Shuang (means two or double) Fei(means fly)". Usually used by sex workers and consumers as the term of one-man-two-girls threesome. You can find the expression in all over Great China, especially in the mainland of China. It is a very popular prostitution service men can select here, and you can definitly use the word to ask for it. It can also be expend to triple fly, quadruple fly, as needed. Double fly is highly recommended on normal working days' afternoon because girls are more vacant than night or weekend, you can get a better service and discount.
1. Worker: Dearest, I have a very good friend here today, how about we make this a double fly?
Client: Not bad, let's see what kind of friend you have, maybe we can make this triple.

2. One man: I double flied yesterday and got a fantastic oral, it is awsome
Another man: You have to tell me the place, dude.
by catwalks October 16, 2011
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