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When a Dutch citizen releases stinging fumes from the anus and traps the head of a friend or loved one under the covers until the unwilling party passes out or vomits (otherwise known as a normal dutch oven). Doing so as a Dutch citizen doubles the effect of the oven, making it especially vicious.
Somewhere in the Netherlands: As a man watched his loved one enter the room, he emitted ass gas so foul the blanket began to disintegrate, and as she lifted the cover to climb into bed, he grabbed her head and trapped it under the blanket; "Double Dutch Oven!" he bellowed. In under 10 seconds, the woman had passed out and vomited all over the sheets.
by RadiationManx May 02, 2011
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When you give a Dutch girl a Dutch Oven, where you pull the blanket over her head in bed after farting.
You should have seen the look on her face after I gave my girlfriend a Double Dutch Oven.
by navyhevelifter9 February 09, 2009
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Double Dutch Oven

A dutch oven within a dutch oven, commonly caused by excessive nocturnal flatulence influencing the atmosphere of the domicile to the point the room is a dutch oven unto itself while the traditional under-sheet zone becomes incredibly intensified.

Also known as dutch oven squared.
Example 1: Man, those tacos last night were good, but I had a dutch oven squared.

Example 2:
Guy: My girlfriend had the taco surprise last night and I woke up under the sheets to a dutch oven. I came out and it still stunk.

Other guy: duuuuddddeeee.... you got double dutch ovened!
by MrDutch February 20, 2013
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When a female farts and said fart gas roles inside of the vagina and then is released with a queef from it's second baking...
Susan went heavy on the bean dip and Double Dutch Oven'd me... I heard the first fart and 30 seconds later she queefed it out!
by OkNowKith December 16, 2018
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