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A sexual act where both the vagina and cervix are penetrated.

In anal sex, this can also be when both the anus and the Houston valves are penetrated.

Also referred to as double dipping.

If you don't know what the Houston valves are and are too dumb to figure it out, please consult Google.
His dick was so long he was able to double dock his shawty.

You know you have a big dick if you can Double Dock.

His dick is so big, it's a double docker.
by LordofWales August 08, 2010
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when two men stick there dicks in a girl, one in the butt and one in the vagina. During this occasion the girl must scream sailor songs.
"i was totally shit-faced when me and Mike where double docking Susie'"

"do you like my mom" "yah i would double dock that bitch all night"
by Matt schreiber November 15, 2009
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