Double-dicking, v. - Early 21st century hoin’ vernacular

a. flirting, conversating, or dancing with two males at the same time

b. the occurrence of dating two men within a 24 hour period

c. the practice of select and limited non-monogamy, i.e. simultaneously dating two men over a period of time

d. the feat of having some type of sexual activity with two dudes in a period of 24hours

e. a male to female to male threesome; or a male to male to male threesome

f. the act by men or women of using double-dong dildos during sexual activity

a. I thought she was going home with both of them dudes the way she was double-dicking at the club last night.

b. She'd gotten in the habit of double-dicking Nesean and Orishio on Saturdays.

c. She double-dicking and ain't ready to settle down yet.

d. Double-dicking really ain't my thing.

e. That was some serious double-dicking in that flick.

f. Requiem For a Dream has the best double-dicking scene ever.

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Double dicking is the action of two straight males taking a phallic object, placing it against their genitals and humping it, symbolizing the insertion of their penis into the partners penis. Because this is impossible, double dicking acts as a vessel for these sexual urges.

Double dicking is known as the ultimate male-male sexual experience.
Cassius: Hey Ip, tryna' do some double dicking?
Ip-Man: Hell yeah, grab the body pillow.
by The Drue September 18, 2012
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When two men have there dicks out and try to shove their dicks into each others urethra. There are championships for this and the current champion is "Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemuhwem Ossas".
Tim: Did you see Pornhub's new double dicking video?
Leo: Yeh I cummed like never before.
by FML balling June 07, 2017
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two people each dicking the other around
Boy, Joe was really dicking Alan around.
Really? I thought Alan was dicking Joe around.
Yeah, I guess there was a lot of double dicking going on.
by tbigs April 06, 2010
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Dad: what your favourite swear word?
13 year old kid: double dicking
Dad: that is what we call a lucky gal
by Aria Dickson December 15, 2017
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