Faustas, tas kurio visi nekenčia
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Faustas, Everyone hates him.
Faustas: 1 Įspėjimas X
Gustas: Dotas.
by De Fuxis January 24, 2018
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Parents of nct and soulmates who will grow old and go to a nursing home together.
Did you see Taeyong and Doyoung have matching rings?
Omg yes Dotae forever!!
by Stan Oneus December 5, 2020
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Defence of the Ancients (called DOTA for short) is a custom game map created for the game Warcraft 3. Originally developed for Warcraft 3 : Reign of Chaos (and wildly popular) by Eul, the map was later ported onto Frozen Throne (the expansion pack for Warcraft 3), was released. Currently the most popular ports of DOTA are Allstars, CHAOS and Classic.
Clan Mota pwned last night
by EnFuego954 March 28, 2005
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a warcraft 3 custom map, filled with idiots.
Host: okay ping looks good guys
Pro: gl hf
Game will start in 5 second
Game will start in 4 second
Game will start in 3 second
Nerd: LOOOOL NOOB! i poon at dota
Retard: Faggot host!
Game will start in 2 second
Retard has left the game
Pro: ffs.
Game will start in 1 second
by LoserGoesCrazy December 30, 2009
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Stands for Defense of the Ancients. It was originally created by my brother, Eul, who quit mapping soon after and left the map for others to steal and take credit for. Those fags. Especially IceFrog, who made the "AllStars" version, currently the most popular version of DotA. The newest version is currently DotA AllStars 6.38b.
This Warcraft III mod has bred a new race of nerds. The DotA nerds, who host the games solely to gleefully kick anyone who has not downloaded the map and wished to download it. They are the ones who spam "omg NOOB" and "I just want one good game of DotA, please" in game. They are the ones that stain the rep of DotA. They are discouraging other DotA hopefuls to play the game with their faggish comments and emo attitudes.
New DotA Player: "Hi, can anyone tell me what this game is like?"
DotA Veteran(not a nerd): "Dude, just let him play. Whats wrong with you?"
2nd DotA Veteran(not a nerd): "What a fag." *leaves*
Nerd: "..." *sobs to himself and locks himself in closet and dies* lolz fag.
by PlayaHateOnMe December 7, 2006
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DotA stands for Defence of the Ancients. Though was origonally created by Eul for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, it was then brought into The Frozen Throne, and slowly became the most popular WCIII Custom map out there.

Right now, Icefrog has created DotA Allstars, the best and newest versions of DotA.

Though DotA is popular, about half the people on B.net like it, and half the others don't.

The game used to be awesome, but once ideas were being stolen from other maps, and all the players became 10 year old "n00bs" some people dislike it.

The majority of people who don't like it are mappers. Why, may you ask? Well, it's either because:

1) DotA stole their ideas


2) DotA whipes out any chance of their maps ever getting popular.


Though DotA is no longer at it's peek. DotA is slowing being played less and less, but very slowly.

That is because it does not change enough. You can play the map only so many times before it eventually has to get boring.

If you have any comments about this, simply post your own definition ^_^
"Let's go play DotA!"
by Pointyfern July 5, 2006
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Defence of the Ancients
A Warcraft 3 map originally made by a guy calling himself Eul, who left the map to be edited by others.
The flow of new stuff coming to the latest, and most popular version of DotA, DotA Allstars has been rather slow lately, but still many people play this map, both in public games and in private clan games. It is not hard to find a DotA game with players of your own skill level.

What more can be said about DotA is that the word pawned is used in a way that makes people think that it's the same as pwnd, meaning owned. The word pwnd hardly comes from DotA though. Also shorts, like GG (meaning Good Game) and B (meaing pull back) are overused by some players.

DotA is fun, if you play it with the right person/people.
However, many people play DotA to annoy people that really want to play the map and have fun.
"An enemy has picked Goblin Techies"
Techies buy 6 Ironwood Branches and run to the middle of the map, dropping all of them. Then he runs towards the closest enemy tower, blowing himself up.
Player with Techies writes: "GG i leave, DotA is for n00bs!"
Player with Techies leaves the game.
by debleckdeth July 14, 2006
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