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An old childrens song written and sung by Raffi, who has made countless other childrens songs.

Though, recently, in the pasy few years, was made into funny songs for many animations on such websites as Newgrounds.com

Here is part (If not all) of the lyrics:


Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring
Banana phone
Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring
Banana phone

I've got this feeling
so appealing
for us to get together and sing - SING!

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring
Banana phone
Ding dong ding dong ding dong ding
Donana phone

It grows in bunches
I've got my hunches
Its the best
beats the rest
cellular modular

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring
Banana phone
Ping pong ping pong ping pong ping
Ponana phone

Its no baloney
It aint a phony
My cellular
Bananular phone

Don't need quarters
don't need dimes
to call a friend of mine
dont need computer or tv
to have a real good time
I'll call for pizza
I'll call my cat
I'll call the whitehouse, have a chat
I'll place a call around the world
Operator get me beijing jing jing jing

(instrumental bridge - break dance here)

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring
Banana phone
Ying yang ying yang ying yang ying
Yanana phone
It's a real live mama and papa phone
a brother and sister and a dogaphone
a grandpa phone and a grandma phone too - oh yeah
my cellular bananular phone

Banana phone
ring... ring... ring...
Its a phone with appeal (a peel)

Banana phone
ring... ring... ring...
Now you can have your phone and eat it too
Banana phone
ring... ring... ring...
This song drives me .... bananas
Banana phone
ring... ring... ring...
"Mommy, can we listen to Banana Phone again?"
"Hey have you seen that Banana Phone animation? It's awesome!"
by Pointyfern July 04, 2006

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DotA stands for Defence of the Ancients. Though was origonally created by Eul for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, it was then brought into The Frozen Throne, and slowly became the most popular WCIII Custom map out there.

Right now, Icefrog has created DotA Allstars, the best and newest versions of DotA.

Though DotA is popular, about half the people on B.net like it, and half the others don't.

The game used to be awesome, but once ideas were being stolen from other maps, and all the players became 10 year old "n00bs" some people dislike it.

The majority of people who don't like it are mappers. Why, may you ask? Well, it's either because:

1) DotA stole their ideas


2) DotA whipes out any chance of their maps ever getting popular.


Though DotA is no longer at it's peek. DotA is slowing being played less and less, but very slowly.

That is because it does not change enough. You can play the map only so many times before it eventually has to get boring.

If you have any comments about this, simply post your own definition ^_^
"Let's go play DotA!"
by Pointyfern July 04, 2006

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There are many definitions of "Nerd" by many people. Some see them as highly intellectual people, others see them as scrawny or obese people with bad acne and thick glasses.

Truth be told, truthfully they are neither. Though, all opinions are based on the outlook of the person giving them.

To me, nerds are generally the smarter people who have a large interest in one specific hobby or hobbies, and are quite knowledgeable of that hobby. The common stereotypes of a nerd's hobbies are computers, gaming, and things like Action Figure collection, D & D, and Warhammer.

Often enough, people believe nerds to be unsociable, unliked, and either rudely proud of their hobbies and/or their intelligence (thus creating jealousy) or shy.

In truth, nerds come in "all shapes and sizes". There are short nerds, tall nerds, skinny nerds, fat nerds, girl nerds, nerds with glasses, nerds with weird socks, and etc.

Also somewhat often, you can't even tell who’s by definition a nerd until you get to know them. Nerds can fit into life with their hobbies, or stick out in one way or another. Nerds can be socially inapt, but that’s because of the nature of their hobby.

Take Bill Gates for example. He is (or was) a nerd. He's smart, had a hobby which he particularly was knowledgeable and liked very much (Computers), and nowadays is very successful because of it. He is one of the richest men in the world, and grew up being one of the most frequently insulted stereotypes.

What I mean by that, is that often enough "nerd" is used as a direct insult to someone who’s either very smart or is knowledgeable about a particular hobby he likes. Very often people who are called a nerd are called that because the person who said it was jealous of them in some way.

Nerds often become the rich and successful, and your boss can easily be a nerd. Nerds created and evolved a lot of technology. Computers, cars, engines, TVs, stereos, and much more have had nerds involved.

Though nerds can also be overly-obsessive, and will not become rich and/or successful. Most that has been defined about is protecting nerds, though in reality there are many who can take it too far. Some can be consumed by their hobbies. A recent example is World of Warcraft nerds. Some play every now and then, but for some others they live in the World of Warcraft.

The generalization that nerds are ugly, unsocial, and have thick glasses can be totally true. Some do follow that generalization, but that is because of their nature. They might not care about what others see them as. Most nerds aren't like that. I'm a "nerd" and unless you followed me around for a few days you would have no idea. I'm social, I have friends, and I play sports. Nerds are people, like Jocks or Emos.

Some nerds should also be respected. Why? Well, the rich and successful ones should be. They either used their intelligence to get them rich and successful, or even turned their hobbies they loved into a career. Another reason they should be is because they aren't afraid to be themselves, for the most part. They aren't afraid that others will think they are a "nerd" or "loser" because they love their hobbies.

Nerd can also mean highly an intellectual person, of course. Those people who enjoy doing their homework and are in the pursuit of more knowledge can easily be classified as nerds.
Guy 1: Look at that nerd over there! His glasses are so thick I can't tell his eye colour!
Guy 2: I wouldn't say that if I were you, one day he'll probably be your boss or something.
Girl 1: Yea, my boss is a total nerd and makes a tonne of money!
by Pointyfern August 27, 2007

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- These are just 2 Warcraft III Definitions -

TTW stands for Tree Tag Wars. Tree Tag Wars was originally made by Halo_king116 about a year ago. It never got popular, but it was one of his first maps. If you ask me, it is very fun.

TTW also stands for Tropical Tower Wars. This is a map made by a mapper (Don't know username) and is recently new to Battle.net. It is quite popular, but nothing compared to DotA or Ryoko TD.
"What game do you want to play?" "How about TTW?"
by Pointyfern July 04, 2006

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WotE stands for the new Warcraft III map War of the Ents. It is still in it's early stages, but if getting a high % of positive feedback.

Once Halo_king116 finishes the newest version, he will mass realease, or so the website said.

Though not popular yet, the people who love WotE hope it to one day get popular.
"Man, that WotE game is awesome! Lets play again"
by Pointyfern July 04, 2006

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