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A really small town in the heart of California where everyone is related to eachother by blood or marrige. Football is huge here and so is gossip. A fair comes around every summer just before school starts, it has 2 rides. This is a time where all the recently High School graduated females bring their new born babies to show off to the incomming seniors and community. It's very hard to pick up your bags and continue your life else where. About 15% of the graduated students move out of the the central valley and then 5% of that actually come back to build their family here. Theres one bar in town, which is the thing to do for the 40 and up. Then theres "The River" for the 25 and under. The cops here are unfortunately crooked and the teachers might as well not have their degrees. It's all about who you know to get any job here.
Guy1: Whats there to do here in Dos Palos?

Guy2: We can go get mojos and watch a movie if the theater happens to be open today. Or just hang out in front of the doughnut shop or the pizza factory. Or ride around town in my dads lifted truck listening to country music.

Guy1: WTF I moved here from the bay area for this?!!

Guy2: Just wait, a girl will crawl up to you and then you guys will have babies you'll work at some factory while she goes to school online and both of you guys will show up to the summer fair with your new born and have arguments every week and throw house parties for high school kids.

Guy1: Fuck you that'll never happen
by according2i February 12, 2011
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A term used to describe a small town with cranky old people, rednecks, and ganstas. Commonly used by people from the Bay Area to describe the 'demotion' of going from a huge city to a country bumpkin town with more farmland than there are actual jobs.

Dos Palos is also another term used for 'double decker', in which a person leaves a scatological mess in the top portion and bottom half of the toilet without flushing. Usually done in jest at the next person's expense.
Man: You ever been to Dos Palos?

Woman: Dos Palos? Is that even on the map? I can't find it, it's so small.

Man: While you look into that, I'm going to leave a Dos Palos in the bathroom. Wait 'til they find out, ha ha ha!
by Joey Maloney July 04, 2017
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