“I know she be at Motel 6 getting her doonies beat down!’ -kyahnextdoor on Tiktok
by Iylia January 18, 2021
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Doonies-reference to a male beating a females pussy so hard it causes vibration in her organs causing them to move downwards hence the reference I beat her doonies down
by Ur friendly nigger February 23, 2021
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When you get to have sex with a girl
Aye so you gonna let me beat the doonies down
by luis lazano March 25, 2021
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A Doonie is a Vagina... Term was Popularized by YN Louie & YN Jay. In songs they mention "beating peoples doonies down" which is the verbal phrase for Doonies. which means the same as beating up a pussy or fuckung the shit outta someone.

In Context :
" Man I Beat Her Doonies Down"
by Biom February 10, 2021
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(aka vagina) a moist, warm house for the penis.
get your doonie out
by Booya Gumski June 16, 2004
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the act of betraying, cheating, lying to a significant other.
she slept with your co-worker? haha, you got "doonied"
by Hawkspirit September 25, 2005
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beatn the doonies down
by teyyyuudctwyuefywud March 1, 2022
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