A person who is so ugly you would rather kiss a donkey's asshole than her face. also the the complete opposite of a Frances
#1: What a donkeyface, she's just like a Frances.

#2: No thats totally what a donkeyface is not yo.

#1: Oh...

by Monkeybarn January 4, 2009
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When you are having sex with a women from behind and you grab her by her ears and pull her head back as you shoot your hot load.
I was having sex with shwanda from the back as I blew my hot load I grabbed her ears and pulled her head back. I looked in the mirror and she made a donkeyface.
by Playboy17 December 11, 2016
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A donkeyface is one who believes he/she can engage in extreme behavior without repercussions. It is a reference to the beloved children's classic Pinocchio.

The Land of Toys is a fictional location in the Italian novel The Adventures of Pinocchio (1883). It is disguised as a haven for boys, although girls are lured there as well in some versions. In the Disney film adaptation of the novel, the land is renamed as Pleasure Island.

Pleasure Island serves as a haven for wayward boys and girls, allowing them to act as they please without recrimination. However, the truer and more sinister purpose of Pleasure Island is eventually revealed as it begins to physically transform the children into donkeys, apparently by means of a curse.
"That skank bizzo is a straight-up donkeyface; look at how she's throwing her cootch all over town..."
by DakotaRandy March 6, 2015
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