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Donkament institution is a hypothetical place, that was originally designed by a secret underground-society with the idea of superiorism. This group was formed by very few people whose object was to purify the earth from so called "donkaments".

As a concept, "donkament" generalized itself in internet-poker tables as an synonym for donkey, which again stands for a person with no intelligence and no worth as a human being.

Donkament institution expanded the meaning of donkament in general, forging together everything below the acceptance of it`s designers. In Donkament institution there are different levels, most of them located deep under the surface of earth. The deeper you move in levels, the more worthless beings you encounter as they are located there in more and more miserable conditions.
In this realm they are degraded from their humanity and turned into specimens for various fields and tortured brutally, once again more and more brutally as you move deeper in the facility.
The geographical location of the institution is unknown, but they say it`s located in the darkest and filthiest corner of Earth, completely isolated from the world and is being fenced with electric walls, and guarded by genetically created mutants with inhuman powers. It would be true to state that it`s as close to hell as you can get.
It gains it`s electricity from a gigantic cycle in the basement, which is for example, runned by chained gypsys.

The Donkament institution gains profit from, for example, experiments performed to it`s prisoners. It`s being controlled and directed from the headquarters which are located somewhere near the equator, in a luxury complex owned by the underground society. According to rumours, it`s leaders/creators are ridiculously rich and possess a huge influence over the underground world.

Whether the institution really exists or not, remains as mystery.
- omg look at that fat`n ugly retard.
- He should be sent to the Donkament institution.

- I think inner beauty matters the most, looks don`t matter.
- You should be sent to the deepest levels of Donkament institution.
by ihazkaroz September 02, 2008
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