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dong-in(ˈdɔŋɪŋ) -


1. The act of sexual intercourse with a abnormally large dong. To sexually engage with a penile member of above average proportions, without being overly painful.

2. Extensive sexual intercourse
dong shlong penis shweener gaping stretched split stuffin climbingwalls dongin donging
by DrPattyCakes February 11, 2017
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Refers to the act of dating a high school girl for a short time then dropping her like a bad habit because she suddenly became too immature after the thrill of dating a high school girl was gone
Man that dude Lance is steady Dongin' bitches. He dated this high school girl for like a month then dumped her and said "she started to show her age". Like she wasn't only 18.
by BustinBadBitches101 February 01, 2010
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