The act of fucking a woman, meaning "giving her your organ"
Man, Kellie is looking hot, I’d donate her an organ in a heartbeat!

I’d give Kathleen an anal organ donation like never before!
by Richter Ass October 25, 2020
To donate a stupidly low amount of money to a charitable cause.

Refers to Virgil Abloh's $50 donation shared on his Instagram story, which was met with backlash due to his immense wealth.
Person 1: Did you see the GoFundMe in my bio?
Person 2: Yeah, I thought I'd just donate a virgil because I needed the clout.
by lidlwifi June 2, 2020
When you play Roblox Bloxburg, your going to see people say abc to donate in the chat. These people love to annoy people and ask for money when they can CLEARLY work for the money!

To be honest they are probably lazy
"Abbyy: ABC to donate for me some money I don't have enough I only have 100!"
by Loxella_yt April 3, 2022
people on roblox who sit for hours a day, usually begging for robux.
by DefinitionWritter April 21, 2022
A pledge.

Pledging funds to a charity or organization.
Guy 1: "I'm going to make an amber donation to the NAACP."
Guy 2: "So...a pledge?"
Guy 1: "Yes! An amber donation!"
by Magnolious July 2, 2022
When a male ejaculates into the throat of a reciptient after recieving such a request.
"the workd cum is sooo ugly i prefer the term fellation donation"
by Chief J May 18, 2020
When a strapping young buck helps out the less fortunate by gifting some lucky broad a generous helping of his foamy goo.
"Why do you look so happy despite your visibly shattered pelvic bone?" Christina asked her friend, Margot.
Margot smiled demurely and said, "Buck, that young buck, gave me a hearty goo donation last night."
"Wait," Christina asked, "Are you talking about a human or did you fuck a deer?"
Margot just blushed. "I have a serious problem, Christy-bear."
by WhimsyFox February 23, 2019