The phrase is often used as an ironic criticism of the attitude someone has about a worrisome issue.
"His attitude towards flood insurance was, 'Don't Worry, Be Happy.'"
by Blackmegabyte November 13, 2005
A Bobby McFerrin Song....Written and recorded in years after Marley's tragic death....anyone who thinks it's his song is retarded...
A great song....
by Sapphire March 14, 2004
"Don't worry, be happy" is the phrase you say to someone when you really don't want to talk to them and just can't be bothered to answer their trivial questions, yet you don't want to be rude.
Example 1

Person A: *yawn*

Person B: Why did you yawn just now?

Person A: Don't worry, be happy.

Example 2

Person A: Why is your foot in the toilet?

Person B: (with foot in toilet) Nothing- I mean, no reason- I mean, what? It's not.

Person A: Dude, I'm serious. Should I be concerned about your mental health right now?

Person B: Uhhhhhhhh . . . . .

*awkawrd pause, during which Person B's foot remains in the toilet.*

Person B: You know what, just don't worry, be happy.

Person A: Well, that's all right then!
by JJJake May 27, 2022