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Dominykas is such a sexy name. He gets all the girls pregnant and he will be rich in the future. He plays fortnite/csgo 24/7 . The only bad thing about him is that hes too sexy
by Xdddd pro lol May 07, 2019
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Dominykas are a Sydnee's best friend. Normally crazy and fun, but sometimes a bit moody. Dominyka will often try to make you smile, and is a very helpful girl.
"Hey Tyler, let's go play a game with dominyka!"
"Sure, let's just run!"
by April 25, 2019
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Dominyka is a name given to very savage girls, she can be coy and act nice but she can also tear throats out.
Hey look dude, it's her there Dominyka
by FlokiTheBoatBuilder April 28, 2019
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dominykas is a jewish name oftenly used for insulting people. Usually dominykas is a ginger, antisocial and has no friends, also no feelings. Plays KSP 24/7, loves school. When he grows up he's going to be Einstein.
A: You hurt my feelings! B: That's because you're dominykas! You don't have feelings!
by big nut in ur mouth April 21, 2018
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