4 definitions by Cootie Brown

1. A picture or depiction of someone with their anal meat exposed in any number of degrees of not-rightedness

2. butter churned in the undergarments during high activity thus producing a product with added qualities

3. a exceptionally smooth bowel movement, like butter
I was on the internet keytar forums and I get a pop-up with gay dudes!! Lame!! I mean it was full-on rectal spread!!

by Cootie Brown March 16, 2007
one definition may be: The first large defecation on or around Christmas that occurs when the following conditions are met 1. in a state of euphoria from various ingested substances 2. large quantities of heavy food have been consumed 3. on Christmas vacation 4. great sense of relief and renewed optimism follow the event
Tidings and joy everyone, I have broken out the yule log, let's rejoice!
by Cootie Brown March 16, 2007
Pronounced (rek-toos dom-eh-noos): 1. Latin moniker for one commonly referred to as "ass master."
2. One who reigns supreme over a multitude of "ass masters"
"Rectus Dominus over there said that I have to work late tonight, so I won't be home by 4:20."
by Cootie Brown March 16, 2007
pronounced (wak-um): a lubricant, usually lotion, used to ease the process of furious masturbation in men
Put down the whack 'em and get over here, we got a party goin'.
by Cootie Brown March 16, 2007