Winning a game. In volleyball when your team serves and nobody on the other touches it or only one person touches it but misses the ball, it is a ace. but a dominace is when it is really epic, like when your team is wining them there is an ace; you have to yell dominace! it will also intimidate the other team.
That was a great dominace!
1,2,3 dominace!
by Peaches123 February 23, 2009
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A male living in a small town that is amazing at playing guitar and will one day be famous for it. He has a girl who is madly in love with him and he's one of the most gorgeous men you could ever see in this universe. He's sweet, caring, and hilarious. Someday he might be a famous comedian. His name is spelled with an "A" so it makes him unique. Dominac is a very awesome person and he's always there for people.
1: "Dude!! I just saw Dominac play in music class today and he's such a pro!"

2: "I know, one day he's gonna be famous!"
by XKittyCatMeowX July 24, 2011
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