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What you would call someone who has qualities like the str8st lax bro alive, the ultimate lax bro. Can be used for a dude or a lady. Basically a skilled partier, chill person, and a skilled lacrosse player.
Gracie is such a good lacrosse player, and is so chill in every way possible. She's a total dombro, and would make an awesome girlfriend for any laxbro.
by lacrosseWhaddup August 29, 2010
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This term originated from the word "dome" which is a wildly popular term for all LaxBro's. It is used just as the term LaxBro, but it not gender specific. (can be used for a girl or a boy). Pronounced (Dom- Bro)
"Yo man, Lindsay is a total DomBro. She always is down for a party, is the most chill person i know, and is a menace on the lacrosse field.
by LoveChildLaxBabe August 30, 2010
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(noun or verb) someone who shares characteristics with the ultimate lax bro, in some cases a better lax bro (or female lax bro) then the ultimate lax bro. 1. can be used as a term for a female version of ultimate lax bro 2. usually used in the state of Maryland by frat boys and mindless lacrosse players who do nothing but eat sleep and party. 3. no one is sure where this term originated, but it is becoming a widely used term in the lacrosse community.
Let's see what the dombro's are doing tonight, they always know where the party's at
by broadneckhighschool August 29, 2010
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(a)A Big Ass Fagget. (b)A dusche bag. (c)Someone who tries to act cool and/or thinks he's all that, but is not.
You dumbass!Thanks for breaking me and my girl up you Dombro!
by alexfish1 May 20, 2008
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