The action of leaving a group, party, meeting, event and/or call in regards to being hurt, mad, sad, and/or upset.
Ex. Damian doing the thing

“Yo why is Damian red?”
*Damian leaves the Xbox party*
“Damian did the Thing LMFAO!“
*Damien has done the action of leaving in regards to being mad”
by Cockmuncher33 November 16, 2022
The new proper way of saying "do it".
"Want to go to the mall?" "Yeah, let's do the thing"

"That idling car is just beggin to be stolen, I need to hurry up and do the thing before the owner comes back out"

by jeru411 March 6, 2007
Means to get things done. To do what needs to be done. Usually not in a sexual way.
'Can you do the things, Mark?'
'sigh, yeah, I'll get started on that project'
by ReallyKindaSorta August 28, 2020
A phrase for shy people who want to talk about sex acts in public (or people who want to talk about sex at work without getting in trouble).
Girl: Soooo, did you do the thing with that girl from sales?
Dude: Which thing?
Girl: You know, the thing.
by KrW September 7, 2005
"hey paul Do a Thing" . Paul proceeds to stop what he's doing and pulls a extremely stupid face
by deano_m_ November 5, 2015
A response or command generally used to express one's approval for another's stated or implied plan of action.
Person 1: "Hey, man. I gotta go - someone is calling me"
Person 2: "No worries, do your thing."
by Taste These Mangerines February 7, 2019