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In reference to Nottingham's biggest snake, Adam. He continually calls people out and disowns them around the company of girls, hash-tag hoes before bros. In other words, one who is disloyal or two faced, often putting girls before his best guy friends. Adam in the situation is whats known as a snake.
Adam: 'Ah mate she doesn't like you'
John: 'Ok mate'
Clarrissa: 'I think I'm going to get with John'
Nathan to John later: 'Oh mate I think he was doing an Adam'
by Team3 April 08, 2014
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Doing an Adam (alternatively, "going for an Adam") refers to the act of doing a topless shit.

A topless shit is only "an Adam" if you took your clothes off before going for a shit. If you were already topless beforehand, it does not count. You must also be fully topless: no vests or bras.

Doing a naked shit is sometimes called a "full Adam", although a topless shit is never called a "half Adam".

The main advantage of doing an Adam is that when you are straining on the toilet, your shirt will not get sweaty from your exertions.
Joe: Dude, where's your shirt?

Matt: Oh, I left it in the toilet.

Joe: Why did you take it off?

Matt: I was doing an Adam.

Joe: Ah, of course.
by SellyOakRam August 19, 2011
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Looking at breasts, belonging to a female.
1) Oh did you hear about Bob?
2) No, what about him?
1) He was doing an Adam on Katie.
by Dave Barnes March 21, 2006
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Doing an Adam is doing something extremely stupid. It started after my friend Adam got his foot stuck in a football net and tried to run, but failed and face planted into the floor. And once he tried to save a goal but he threw himself into the net by accident. Or that time that he fell over some ice and face planted into someone's shoe. Or, or. 'Nuff said.
Guy 1: Man, is he asking out that chick?
Guy 2: Yeah, he's doing an Adam.
Guy 1: ...
by Chicken_licken23 December 21, 2010
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Doing an Adam, to make a really bad excuse up for a lie that had no plot.
1) I've got £15k in my bank
2) Cool, can I have a look at your bank statement?
1) No ... I folded it into a paper aeroplane and it flew to africa and now I don't know where it is
2) Dude, you're doing an adam
by Jme Saunders June 15, 2011
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