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Doider, (dōy-dur), noun

stemmed the Latin words: "Doidimus Maximus," meaning: big doider.

a protruding stomach or beer belly, typically hanging over the beltline. Doiders are most noticable when fully exposed on a shirtless male.

Doiders aren't always necessarily large and protruding, but only when the word is used as a moniker for ones stomach in the context of self. (i.e. "I'm gonna hit up the Bell and fire a 10-pack of soft-shells into my doider")

in a case where a small stomach is referred to as a doider, the proper label would actually be doi.
A large doider shocks John and Brian:

John: "wow, look at the size of that doider!"
Brian: "that doider is epic!"

Darryl is disgusted by a doider/front-butt combo:

Darryl: "the lady's back-breaking doider rolled over her belt, resting on top of her bulging front-butt.

Doider can also be used as an adjective:

Kevin: "those pizza rolls were doiderific, I hoovered them shits into my doider."

and as a verb:

Ryan: "did you see that fight between Mark and Tim?"

James: "Tim doidered Mark into the thistles."
by Dirty danchez June 29, 2009
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Another word for doi, except you put a ders on the end to make it sound weird. Use it when somebody makes a stupid mistake.
Stupid person: Oh my god! I can't believe I got an F on this test for saying 2+2=7!
Smart Person: Doiders! 2+2=4 dumb shit!
by tr is oso blond November 26, 2006
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