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Expression Maori Rugby players make towards each other.
Said with effort to make deep and loud.
Hone: "Hows it Wiremu"
Wiremu: "Doice G"
by Finesir January 27, 2015
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"Last night I caught Callum having a doice at the computer!"

"Bro, Theo doiced into my sock!"

"Work was stressful, so I had a quick doice..."
by jamie stroud M.D. August 19, 2009
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anything and everything, but nothing at all. the pokemon 'ditto' is the perfect example.
Person 1: yo lets go get some doice
Person 2: id love to go get some food!


Person 1: sinbad lets get the doice outta here
Person 2: ayurp cookies my dude
by the doiceman August 07, 2010
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Doice is a word derived from the root (dope) and dice, where dice is derived from the alternate pronunciation of dece, as in "decent".
Yesterday, I was doice chillin' in the Northern D.
by Northern Doice January 20, 2008
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